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Merry Begot

Lammas 2001

Aeryll's Corner

Merry Meet everyone! As you may have noticed, Merry Begot has a new look this month. That is a result of using a different site builder and moving Merry Begot to a new host. Right now the main site is still located at, but before long the entire site will be moved to Tripod. When it is all up and running at Tripod, I will be sure to let you all know.

I hope you enjoy this month's offerings. Send your feedback, article suggestions/submissions and anything else on your mind to me at . Have a wonderful Lammas!

Letters to the Editor

Although I don't have children of my own and am not married at this point I enjoyed the articles immensely. I have been a Dianic practioner for several years now and am always looking for new ways to incorporate my spirituality into the every day mundane part of my life. You are a valuable resource to those attempting to live a spiritual path in a patriarchal and very structured society. Keep up the wonderful work. I will be recommending your site to all of my Pagan Sisters both with and without children.
Love and blessings,
Sedna aka Sally McMahon

Merry Meet!
I am thoroughly impressed with the information you have published in your online newsletter.
We are thinking about starting a family in the near future. We do not have any children yet (well, one dog, Oreo,and he thinks he's human). We are very interested in learning about pagan parenting. I realize there are no set rules, but we are always open to any ideas that other parents have found successful in rearing their own children.
I also enjoyed your other articles involving managing a household (The Frugal Pagan).
I'm looking forward to reading more of your articles.

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